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The Tangled Yarns story is a re-imagining of one of my original 3D animation projects. I've been toying around with 3D software in one form or another since I owned a computer quick enough to handle the software, around 1998. My idea of animating sock character was born from an offshoot of the Cuddleberry Cove series of stories and puppet show skits. Once we created a few audio episodes, I played with the notion of socks who live in a basket of laundry. The sock puppets served only as a catalyst for other narratives, never seeing the light of day in a performance.

My goal for this concept is to develop it into short episodes (2 minutes or less) that will entertain children between ages 6 & 10.

I made a short video that showcases the characters. The first thing you'll notice is how the voices all belong to me; thanks to some creative pitching, there's a slight variation between the characters. Once I move this forward, I'll be recruiting some vocal talent to give life to Blue and his friends.

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Droopy small with title.jpg
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